USB pens

We offer a range of pens with memory sticks built in.   Our USB pens are most commonly available from 8Gb and up.  Some larger capacity models may need to be imported. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

XD Design Point 1 USB pen

The stylish XD design pen is a 3 in 1 multipurpose pen.  It is available in 4Gb only.

  • Stylus
  • Pen
  • 4Gb USB Flash drive

It is manufactured from ABS plastic and anodised aluminium and uses high quality German ink.

XD point 1 USB pen

Treble Stylus USB pen

The 3 in 1 Treble stylus USB pen is available in 4Gb and 8Gb.  It is also available in both black and white colours.   The barrel is made form stainless steel and has a a gloss lacquer coating.  The trim is chrome and is uses German quality black ink.   It is supplied in a microfibre presentation pouch.

Treble USB pen

The Stylo USB pen

The Stylo 3 in 1 USB pen is manufactured form stainless steel and has a satin chrome coating.   It is supplied with quality German ink.   It comes in a presentation box.  Box dimensions:  22 mm long x 43 mm wide x 24 mm high

Available in 4Gb and 8Gb

Stylo 3 in 1 pen

The Striker USB pen

The striker USB pen has an amazing black rubber touch coating.  This coating is laser engraved, the result is a chrome finish logo.  Available in 4Gb and 8GB.  The barrel is made of manganese steel which has been coated with polished chrome.   Presented in a microfibre presentation pouch: 180mm long x 40mm wide.

Striker USB pen

Kilobyte USB pen and laser pointer

The Kilobyte USB pen has a built in laser pointer.  The barrel is made of brass and it has a gloss lacquer coating.  The trim is finished in satin chrome.

Available in 4Gb and 8Gb.

Kilobyte USB pen

Elleven USB pen

The barrel is made of brassh which has been polished to a high gloss finish.   The pen is supplied with high quality german ink.  Presented in a microfibre pouch 180 mm long x 40 mm wide.

This model is available in 4Gb only.

Elleven USB Pen