Unleash your Creativity with a 3D Pen!  The way a 3D pen works is similar to a 3D printer.   In the case of the pen version your hand controls the depositing of the plastic layers.  The pen melts the plastic at a high temperature which is used to draw in the air or on a surface to create 3D objects.   The melted Plastic cools down fast so the whole process is pretty safe.  With Pens you control the extrusion speed and temperature of the plastic filament.

3D pens

A 3D pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D modelling – from a beginner to the expert.  The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination.


The plastic used in 3D pens is called filament, these filaments come in a range of colours.  ABS is the most common material used however some manufacturers also use PLA.  PLA is normally translucent with a colour tint.  ABS filament is generally a solid opaque colour.   There are also a number of other materials that can be used, each has its advantages and disadvantages.



3D pens are relatively new, as with all new ideas they tend to be a little expensive at first.  Here are a few things to consider before spending your hard earned cash.

Features –  Look for features that distinguish the model you want to purchase.  Special features may include variable thickness sprays or back suction of the filament.  Some 3D pens have auto standby mode for extra safety.  We have also seen models with special unclogging features.

The Filament –  There are a lot of manufacturers and each sell their own filament.  Initially it’s best to stick to the filament from the manufacturer you purchased the pen from for optimal thicknesses.   Once you are comfortable then you can test other filaments from other manufacturers.
Brand and manufacturer – There are many manufacturers of 3D pens in the market place, all of them claim to design the best pens. However, only a few designs and products have been proven to offer desirable quality and conveniences.  We suggest checking the brand, model and manufacturer before purchase.  Try identify the differences between models.  The technologies used differ so consider features available and level of quality designed into the pen.

Customer reviews – Always check customer reviews of products online to get a good idea of how well the pen you want to buy works.   Go to well know sites like Amazon.com.  Good reliable pens will have good reviews from people who have already tried them out while lower quality models will receive less favourable reviews.