According to reports from various promotional product associations the humble pen remains in the top spot when it comes to promotional giveaways.  This is most likely because they are relatively cheap and yet very useful.  It’s funny how we have all received many a pen as gifts but you can never find one when you need one.   A pen is frequently borrowed and not always returned.  The benefit to anyone advertising on the pen is that the it is passed on often.  Your advert or logo gets seen by a large number of people.

There are many pens that are not cheap;  some can run into many thousands of Rand per item, most often gifts given to company executives.  These are highly prized by the recipient as a good quality pen is a true status symbol.

Why use promotional pens?

You will have pens at home at work in your pocket or in you handbag, they are everywhere!    Everybody needs one at some point.  By adding a logo or phone number you make the pen even more useful to the recipient.   If you give your customer a pen, they literally have your contact details on hand all the time.   Just think about it, whenever you receive a free pen, the first thing you do is slide it into your pocket or handbag.  You never throw a gift pen away because they always come in handy at some point.

Pens and Brand Recognition 

One of the main purposes of using a promotional pen is to generate brand recognition for a company.   Brand recognition is vital and a pen is possibly the best means of getting a company’s brand name out there.  Not only that, advertising on them is an economical option.  There are literally thousands of pen designs to fit all company budgets.

Pen Branding opportunities

It is important for a company to consult with a marketing professional prior to having their pens printed.   This is an important step because the branding area on a pen is normally very small.  There could be other limiting factors such as the clip placement.   It makes sense that you try maximise the space available. Allow a marketing professional to help you to do just that.

Branded Pen Selections

The selection of styles, shapes, and colours are endless.   Factories that produce pens are constantly releasing new designs.   They have bright new colours and shapes and many have added functions.   There are many pen companies competing to have the best models.

Companies can afford promotional pens regardless of their budget.  Models range from expensive refillable or ballpoint pens right through to very low cost plastic models.   In recent years multi function pens have become very popular.  Here are just a few examples:

Examples of printed pens
Blue mop topppers pens

Examples of different pens

Below are a few examples of the vast range of pens available. Please note we do not stock all of these, many specialised ones need to be imported from china.

Stylus pen – A stylus tip is incorporated and can be used with mobile phones and tablets.

Pens with Stylus function for use on mobile devices

Memory stick pen – They screw apart to reveal a memory stick inside.

USB Pens, memory stick and pen combined

Construction pen – Includes a building level, scale ruler, stylus and even a screwdriver.

Pens useful for construction industry

Laser Pointer pen – This item is extremely useful for presentations.

Laser pointer and pen in one

Banner advert pen – An advert is rolled up and hidden in the the barrel of the pen, this banner can be pulled out.  The banner will them have a customer advert printed onto it.

A pen with a pull out banner

Pen watches – These pens have watches and calendars built into the barrel.

A pen with a watch built in